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Cavewoman is an American comic book published primarily by Basement Comics and additionally by Caliber Comics and Avatar Press. The story follows superhuman Meriem Cooper, a voluptuous barefoot jungle goddess in a snakeskin bikini, who battles dinosaur. Created by writer-artist Budd Root, Cavewoman was inspired by Little Annie Fanny and William Stout.

Meriem Cooper first appeared in Basement Comics' Cavewoman #1 (Dec. 1993), the first issue of a black-and-white, independent comics miniseries that ran six issues. She reappeared in the eight-issue miniseries Cavewoman: Rain (1996-1997) from Caliber Comics; the one-shot Cavewoman Meets Explorers (1997), jointly from Basement Comics and Explorer Press; the one-shot Jungle Tales of Cavewoman (1998), released in both a standard and a mature-audience edition; Cavewoman: Odyssey #1, the only issue of a planned five-issue miniseries from Caliber Comics; and other titles through at least 2001.

As of 2008, Meriem appears in the ongoing series Cavewoman: Pangean Sea and the semi-regular mature series Prehistoric Pin-ups and Jungle Tales.

The story of Cavewoman is rooted deeply in science fiction.

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