The Secret Six

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The Secret Six is the name of three different fictional comic book teams in the DC Comics Universe, plus an alternate universe's fourth team. Each team has had six members, led by a mysterious figure named Mockingbird whom the characters assume to be one of the six themselves.

This comic book team is unrelated to either the 1931 gangster movie The Secret Six or the real-life covert group of radical abolitionists who assisted American Civil War-era revolutionary John Brown.

The Secret Six first appeared during the Silver Age of comic books in the initial team's seven-issue title, Secret Six (May 1968 - May 1969).

Unusually, the premiere issue's story began on the cover, and continued on the interior's page one. This strike team of covert operatives consisted of August Durant, Lili de Neuve, Carlo di Rienzi, Tiger Force, Crimson Dawn, and King Savage.

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