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Iggy is a fictional character from the Japan manga series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He is a dog with Stand powers, remembered for his obsession for coffee-flavored chewing gum and for antagonizing Jean Pierre Polnareff in the series. Iggy also sported the most unsociable traits ever in a dog, as he will fart on a person's face while chewing and ripping out their hair.

Iggy, who possessed the powers of a Stand, was found by Mohammed Avdol in the street slums of New York. Only Avdol is able to come close to him.

Iggy came to the scene aboard a Speedwagon-sponsored helicopter in the middle of the desert. Polnareff, being cocky and intrigued about their new partner, becomes the target of the ferocity that Iggy is famous for, after disturbing his slumber.

The pilots and Avdol were only able to control him because of one unlikely treat: a coffee-flavored chewing gum.

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