Black Spy and White Spy

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Spy vs. Spy is a wordless black and white comic strip that has been published in Mad magazine since January, 1961. It was created by Antonio Prohías, a Cuba national who fled to the United States on May 1, 1960, 3 days before Fidel Castro took over the last of the Cuban free press.

The "Spy vs. Spy" cartoon was symbolic of the Cold War, and was Prohías's comment on the futility of armed escalation and détente. Under the Spy vs. Spy title panel, the words "BY PROHIAS" are spelled out in Morse code (-••• -•--    •--• •-• --- •••• •• •- •••).

The comic features two spies, Black and White, who are constantly warring against each other, and coming up with increasingly sophisticated ways of doing away with the other.

They are made to look virtually identical: trilby hats, overcoats and long pointed noses. The only difference between them are the color of their clothes: one dresses in white, the other in black. They were similar to El Hombre Siniestro (the Sinister Man), and Tovarich, characters which Prohias had drawn while still living in Cuba and who would also play nasty tricks on people.

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Black Spy and White Spy Black Spy and White Spy Black Spy and White Spy


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