The Red Queen

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The Red Queen (played by Michaela Dicker) and White Queen (played by Madeline Carroll) are characters of the Resident Evil film series. They are both state-of-the-art holographic representations of supercomputer which serve to protect different facilities of the Umbrella Corporation. The Red Queen was created by Paul Anderson as an homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey 's HAL 9000.

The Red Queen's name itself is a reference to the Red Queen principle while her holographic avatar was modeled after Angela Ashford, daughter of Dr. Charles Ashford, the head programmer. She was designed to monitor the Hive's activities, employees, experiments, and the T-virus. Her system also expands through the Spencer Mansion. The Red Queen had not appeared in the Resident Evil video games previously, but in 2007, the character had her first role in the video game series. She appeared in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles voiced by Tara Platt. Her character appears as a database computer which provides information relating to the Arklay Incident and T-Virus development.

The White Queen is also modeled after a young girl, but it is never mentioned if the appearance is based on another character. The White Queen is a later version of the Red Queen that holds a counterpart position for the Umbrella facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike The Red Queen, The White Queen has further advanced holographic technology and has a more convincing appearance of a child in comparison to the semi-translucent Red Queen hologram.

Both AI names are referencing major characters from the novel Through the Looking-Glass, with the decidedly more deadly Hive AI representing the antagonistic Red Queen, and the more helpful AI that appears in Resident Evil: Extinction representing the protagonistic White Queen.

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