Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

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Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog is a character puppet best known for mocking celebrities. Triumph was identified in the early appearances as a Yugoslavian Mountain Hound, hence his distinct Eastern Europe accent (although Triumph himself insists it is a regular "dog accent" ). As his name indicates, Triumph's comedic style is almost exclusively insult comedy. Triumph often puffs a cigar, which usually falls out of his mouth when he starts talking. Triumph is performed by comedian Robert Smigel. He debuted in 1997 on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien and also appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien from time to time.

Triumph's debut was in a comedy skit about unusually talented dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, from which he was eventually banned (though his third visit to the show was by invitation). In addition to other dog puppets who played banjo and performed magic, Triumph appeared in his trademark persona of an obnoxious and ribald insult comic in the vein of Don Rickles. The character rapidly grew in popularity, and became a recurring fixture on the show, often mocking the show's celebrity guests and leaving the studio to harass the general public in pre-taped remote segments.

Some of Triumph's best known skits involved him visiting the Westminster Dog Show, where he would often be found "humping" (attempting to mate with), and occasionally being "humped" by other dogs. Smigel and Triumph have been ejected from several events for Triumph's antics, including Westminster (three times), the Honolulu line for auditions for American Idol, and the 2004 Democratic National Convention (while shooting an aborted movie project).

In one memorable segment, Triumph interviewed Star Wars fans waiting in line for the theatrical premiere of Attack of the Clones. In that segment, Triumph met Blackwolf the Dragonmaster (who calls himself "New York's unofficial wizard"). Originally visiting the lineup to "pay his respect" to the Star Wars fans, Blackwolf was spotted by Triumph and cited as being "a geek from another dimension". Approaching Blackwolf, Triumph quickly associated him as being part of the Lord of the Rings fan base (based on Blackwolf's fantasy costume) and then asked, "Have you ever talked to a woman without having to give your credit card number?" Triumph then pitted a Star Wars fan (in full Jedi costume) in a mock duel against Blackwolf and stated that the winner would be declared the "├╝ber-dork". Another moment involved a pregnant Star Wars fan who was also waiting in line. When told of the baby's expected due date, Triumph responded, "that's the last time he (the baby) will see female genitalia." Later, while talking to a fan dressed in full Darth Vader regalia, Triumph directs his attention to the buttons on his chest and remarked, "Which one of these calls your parents to pick you up?" Eventually irritated by the Star Wars cosplay activity, Triumph concludes his day at the Star Wars lineup by summoning "Angry" Spock (another Late Night with Conan O'Brien character). Dressed as the Vulcan character Spock (from the Star Trek franchise) and possessing a quiet demeanor, "Angry Spock" promptly and silently proceeds down the lineup and nonchalantly gives everyone the finger. The segment was shown as part of a series of Late Night with Conan O'Brien Best-Ofs during the final two weeks of that show's run.

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