Liberty Belle

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:For other Liberty Belle, see Liberty Belle (disambiguation).

Liberty Belle is the name of three fictional superhero. Two are from DC Comics: Libby Lawrence and Jesse Chambers, the other is from Charlton Comics: Caroline Dean.

The first Liberty Belle is Libby Lawrence-Chambers. Her powers of enhanced speed, strength, and stamina are linked to the ringing of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Early in her mystery-woman career she has an assistant in that city who would, when signaled, ring the bell for her. In her later years, after decades of super-strength and retarded aging, many begin to theorize about the nature of her powers - some believed the sonic vibrations of the bell triggers a meta-human gene, some believe that it is mystical, that Libby is connected to the power of the Spirit of America, like the hero Uncle Sam. Most of Liberty Belle's heroic exploits take place during the Second World War, and she is one of the founding members (and later chairwoman) of the All-Star Squadron. In her public identity, she is the famous radio columnist Libby Lawrence, and is therefore well-known both in and out of costume. During the war she marries speedster Johnny Quick. After the War they have a daughter, Jesse, who shared both their powers and took the codename Jesse Quick.

Libby Lawrence is a descendant of Bess Lynn, alias Miss Liberty.

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