Alex (Street Fighter)

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This is a list of characters from the Street Fighter fighting game series. This list covers the original Street Fighter, the Street Fighter II series, the Street Fighter Alpha series, the Street Fighter EX series, the Street Fighter III series, and Street Fighter IV, as well as other related games.

is a former Shorinji Kempo instructor who was expelled from his temple after getting involved in too many fights. He is the first opponent the player faces in Japan in the original Street Fighter. Although Retsu has never appeared in another Street Fighter game, his character has been depicted in later Street Fighter related media, including two Japanese Street Fighter II audio drama albums, an appearance in the US Street Fighter comic book by UDON, and as a trading card in Card Fighters 2 for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

is a Japanese ninja who fights with a claw and shuriken stars and has the ability to teleport. He is the second Japanese opponent in the original Street Fighter. In an issue of UDON's Street Fighter comic book, Geki appears as an assassin sent to kill Gen. .

, who appears as the first American opponent in the original Street Fighter, is an underground kickboxing champion who practiced by participating in street fights. Correlations between Joe and the blonde-haired, red pants wearing underground fighter "Ghost" from the Capcom game Final Fight: Streetwise have led many to believe they are the same guy. His special technique was a rolling sobat.

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