Sauron (Marvel Comics)

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Sauron is a comic book character, a supervillain in Marvel Comics' main shared universe. An enemy of the X-Men, the character was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Neal Adams. He first fully appeared as Sauron in X-Men #60 (September 1969).

Sauron is the alter ego of Karl Lykos, sharing a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde relationship with the physician. He is an energy vampire who resembles a humanoid pteranodon after feeding. He often inhabits the hidden prehistoric jungle the Savage Land.

He was created in response to the Comics Code Authority's prohibition on the use of werewolves: instead of becoming a werewolf, Karl Lykos (whose name is a deliberate reference to lycanthropy) becomes a were-pteranodon. In this form, he is an energy vampire who often inhabits the hidden prehistoric jungle the Savage Land.

Karl Lykos was the son of an explorer's guide. As a teenager, he accompanied his father to Tierra del Fuego as the elder Lykos guided a wealthy client named Mr. Anderssen and Anderssen's young daughter, Tanya. While defending Tanya from mutant pterodactyls, Karl was bitten by one of the creatures. During his recovery, he discovered that he could now drain the life-force of other organisms. He found himself repeatedly tempted to use his new power, feeling that he needed to drain life energy from other humans or animals to survive.

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