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Sanderson "Sandy" Hawkins, formerly known as Sandy, the Golden Boy, Sands, Sand, and currently as Sandman, is a fictional character, superhero in the DC Comics universe created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris. He first appeared in Adventure Comics #69.

The Character of Sandy the Golden Boy was created as a sidekick to the Sandman. Created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris, the character debuted as a tights-wearing youth (in the same vein as Robin the Boy Wonder) in Adventure Comics #69 (Dec 1941). This same issue also showcased a new yellow-and-purple costume for The Sandman.

The flourish of mystery-men comic books came to an end in the late 1940s. About ten years later DC Comics reintroduced some of the mystery-men characters in new books, but reimaged them as super-heroes, characters such as Green Lantern and Hawkman. September 1961 saw the publication of "Flash of Two Worlds" in The Flash #123. This was the first new story using an original mystery-man character, namely, the Flash (Jay Garrick). The concept of an Earth-1 and Earth-2 began to be developed and soon other 1940s characters were being used in modern stories. Sandy the Golden Boy was reintroduced to the public by writer Len Wein in Justice League of America #113 in 1974.

Len Wein wrote of his inspiration in the compilation book Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 3 (2004):

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