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Let Go My Legos!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Flagler County, Florida where police were on the trail of a serial shoplifter. Security camera footage caught him stealing over a thousand dollars worth of merchandise from Target stores during the month of September. Officers were on high alert for him and he was nabbed when he tried to pull another heist at a Target store. Did we mention what he was stealing? Legos. Yep, Legos. Guess he was getting ready for Christmas a little early. He’s busted!

And You Can Stuff That Ticket!

Our post Thanksgiving Bozo Report for today features a turkey that at least one man is glad escaped the dinner table over the holiday. Our unidentified bozo was pulled over for speeding by the cops in Livermore, California. The officer was preparing to issue the man a ticket when a wild turkey approached. The aggressive bird kept pecking at the cop finally causing the officer to think better of writing the ticket, letting our bozo go with just a warning.

A Classic Case of Being In the Wrong Place At the Wrong Time

Bozo criminals for today come from Livingston County, Michigan, where the local cops were working with grocery stores in their annual “Cram a Cruiser” charity event to collect food for local food banks. It’s a nice event and over 18,000 pounds of non-perishable food items and $3000 in cash and gift cards were collected. Also collected were two bozos who decided that the event would provide a perfect time to shoplift $2500 in items from the store. Bad idea. The officers noticed what was going on and arrested our bozos as they pushed their carts full of loot out the front door. So it wasn’t just food that was “crammed into the cruiser.”