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He Probably Thought He Was Bulletproof, Too

Bozo criminal for today from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, broke into a residence and grabbed a laptop computer. As luck would have it, the homeowner walked in and caught him in the act, but was unable to stop him before he hopped on his BMX bicycle for a getaway. He did, however, take note of our bozo’s apparel. A t-shirt with a large Superman logo on it. He was caught a short time later, still wearing the shirt, trying to sell the computer to a man in a car. He’s busted!

But This Is Supposed To Provide All Day Protection!

Bozo criminal for today from Apple Valley, California, wins the award for most creative use of a Maxi Pad. Armed with his, uh, feminine product, our bozo had big plans for robbing the local Battery Mart store. He would use the Maxi Pad as a mask and no one would be able to identify him. Well, maybe, except for the fact that he first peeked through the front window of the store before appying said mask. And that peek was caught on security cameras. Police were quickly able to identify Kotex-boy and place him under arrest.