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But, I Was Just Trying To Help My Friend!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Macon, Missouri, where bozo Kalie Mason headed down to the county jail to pay the $10,000 bond of a friend. While inside, deputies noticed her vehicle did not have legal registration on it. Mistake number one. Upon further investigation, they discovered her drivers license was suspended. Mistake number two. And they also discovered she was in possession of various illegal prescription pills. Strike three. Now she needs to come up with TWO bonds.

No real criminals in this morning’s tale but there may be at least a couple of bozos. From the International File in rural northeastern Germany comes the story of police being called to a report of a pack of at least 15 people armed with knives and sticks walking down the side of the road. Thinking they might have an angry mob on their hands six police cars were dispatched to the scene to diffuse the situation. Upon arrival, they found it wasn’t an angry mob at all, instead it was just a group of asparagus harvesters walking along the road with their work tools as they took a lunch break. German residents can sleep soundly tonight knowing all is well.