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Maybe He Wanted a Really Unique Christmas Present For His Dog

Bozo criminal for today comes from Bozeman, Montana, where our bozo was involved in a hit and run. But in this case, what was “hit” was a fire hydrant. Cops were called to the scene where they found someone had indeed rammed their vehicle into a fire hydrant. That, in itself, is not too unusual. It was what happened afterward that landed him in the Bozo Report. Apparently, after the fire hydrant was broken off, our bozo somehow grabbed it and threw it into his car before speeding away. Take the evidence with you, right? Wrong. He took the hydrant but he left behind the bumper of his Dodge Nitro. Oops. Police say the hydrant is valued at $1500 and if our bozo would simply return it they would consider making a deal for a lesser charge.

Blowin’ In the Wind

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from Fort Pierce, Florida. Our bozo was pulled over for driving erratically and, when the officer took a look inside the car, he spotted an open can of Budweiser and an apparent drug pipe. Further investigation turned up a plastic bag with what appeared to be cocaine residue inside. It was then that he offered up the Bozo Excuse of the Week. He first said the police must have planted it, and then said that perhaps the wind had blown it into the car. That one’s not gonna work. He’s busted! We have no report of the wind speed at the time of the arrest.

Hot Wheels!

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from Orange County, Florida. Let’s consider this scenario. You’re a bozo looking for a car to steal. Where do you go? Maybe a Walmart parking lot? Nope. Perhaps someone’s driveway? Nah. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office parking lot? Hey, sounds like a plan. Apparently that’s what happened. Our bozo hot wired a sergeant’s truck and got it out on the highway before being apprehended. She’s under arrest, charged with grand theft.

His Excuse, “I Forgot”

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Sydney, Australia, where our unidentified bozo had been suffering from chronic sinus infections for the past 18 years. Doctors performed a CT and discovered a foreign body in his nasal cavity. The object was removed and what was found was described as a “rubber capsule containing degenerate vegetable/plant matter.” Further research found that 18 years ago he was in prison and his girlfriend smuggled in some marijuana encased in a balloon. Our bozo stuffed it up his nose to avoid detection but crammed it in a little too far and was unable to remove it. And that’s where is stayed for the last 18 years. Authorities have declined to prosecute, saying the statute of limitationx has run out.

You Think He Was Speeding Then, Wait Until His Wife Finds Out What’s Going On

Bozo criminal for today comes from Tarpon Springs, Florida, where bozo Earl Parker was pulled over by the cops for doing 90 in a 55 MPH zone. When questioned by the officer he came up with the Bozo Excuse of the Month. He told the cop he was speeding because he “needed to get home in a hurry because he was cheating on his wife.” Well, OK then. When he was searched post-arrest, a baggie of crack cocaine was found in his shirt pocket. You can add felony drug possession charges to that speeding ticket. Busted!

But, Wait, Aren’t You Going To Look For My Weed?

Bozo criminal for today comes from Dekalb County, Alabama, where the cops received a 911 report of a theft at a local gas station. When they arrived they found a very agitated bozo who explained to the officers that someone had stolen his marijuana. OK. So, what’s that sticking out of your pocket? Pot? Nope. A baggie of cocaine and a pipe? Yep. Busted! He’s charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. No word on the fate of the missing pot.

Step Away From the Car and Put Down That Chicken!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where the cops received a report of a reckless driver. Police responding to the scene found our bozo behind the wheel of a gray Nissan, driving 20-30 MPH and swerving all over the road. A visual on the vehicle indicated our bozo was not alone. He had a live chicken sitting on his shoulder. He and the bird were pulled over. He was charged with DUI and the bird was released into protective custody.

The New System Is Off To a Good Start

No real criminal activity involved here but we couldn’t let this one go without mention. A train rider at a New York station noticed what appeared to be some suspicious packages sitting around inside the train station. The cops were called and service was disrupted while an investigation ensued. Indeed there were some six-foot-tall packages inside the station. But they weren’t as suspicious as it might seem. Turns out the boxes contained the Metro Transit Authority’s Help Point System, a brand new technology designed to…wait for it…allow consumers to report suspicious packages. The boxes were removed and train service resumed with only a short delay.

Well, You Gotta Run a Test Sheet!

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from Limestone County, Alabama. Garbage collectors there noticed something unusual in a trash pickup outside our bozo’s house. Large trash bags filled with paper. Printed paper. The curious garbage man took a closer look and found the sheets of paper were actually printed $20 bills. Apparently our would-be bozo counterfeiter was running a little test to get his fake bills just right. The bags were turned over to the cops who discovered that our bozo was a bit of a recycler, also. One of the fake bills was printed on the back of an Alabama Pardons and Paroles receipt issued to our bozo back in August. Oops. He’s busted and booked into jail on felony counterfeiting charges.

Only Time Will Tell If the T-Shirt Is Right

Bozo criminal for today comes from Crystal City Missouri, where a laundromat was burglarized and about $600 taken from a vending machine. Not Bozo Report material, you say? Correct, except for one small detail. The laundromat had security cameras which got a good picture of our bozo doing the deed. And it was his choice of attire that landed him in the Bozo spotlight. His T-Shirt was emblazoned with the phrase, “It’s not a crime unless you get caught.” Armed with photographic evidence, cops hope to make an arrest soon.

Well, At Least He Did the Right Thing

Bozo criminal for today comes from Kankakee, Illinois, where the local sheriff’s department has a tradition of posting pictures of fugitives on its Facebook page on “Warrant Wednesday.” This week, Warrant Wednesday just happened to fall on the day before Halloween and one of the pictures posted was of Brandon Conrad, who was wanted on a drunk driving charge. Our bozo was inspired to reply to the post, saying, “Where’s my costume?” The cops obliged and photoshopped a cute little sailor’s outfit on his mugshot, along with the challenge that since they did their part, he should do his by turning himself in. Surprisingly, our bozo responded that he would be there by noon and to have the paperwork ready. He did and he’s now under arrest.

You Know Those Chihuahuas Are Very Popular In the Circus Nowadays

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Perth Scotland, where Bozo Phillip McDonald was trying to sneak a cell phone into Perth Prison by attaching it to a drone. Guards spotted the drone and cops were called. It was then that our bozo sprang into action to craft his Bozo Excuse. He landed the drone, threw it into the trunk of his car and then immediately drove onto a dead end street. He jumped a fence and attempted to hide in some bushes but was quickly found. It was then that he went into elaborate detail about just what he was doing. He said he was looking for his stolen chihuahua that he believed had been taken prisoner by members of a Romanian circus. And the circus troupe just happened to be camped out near the prison. And as for his reason for being in the bushes? He said he had downed a litre of vodka while searching and had collapsed. Surprisingly, the cops didn’t believe his story. He’s been charged with trying to fly a drone into a prison.

I Don’t Want To Do It, YOU Do It!

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Mike Sheffield for sending in today’s report from the International File in Nanning, China. A Chinese businessman sought the services of a hitman, offering him $411, 883 to knock off a competitor. The hitman accepted the offer and then subcontracted out the job to another hitman, offering to pay him about half the original commission. Hitman number two accepted the job but then farmed the murder out to hitman number three, who accepted and passed it on to hitman number four who then hired hitman number five. By the time number five accepted the job, the commission was down to only $20,600. Not surprisingly, for such a low price, the fifth hitman got cold feet and contacted the would be target and asked him if he would mind faking his own death. Bad idea. The cops were contacted, and, after a long trial, all our bozos were convicted of attempted murder.

She’s Probably a Big Fan of Spider Man

Our bozo for today comes from the Lonely Hearts Club division of the International File. Our unidentified 18-year-old bozo from Vechta, Germany was upset because his girlfriend, who is in prison, had broken up with him over the phone a few days earlier. So, he developed a bozo plan to win her back. He would climb the 13-foot wall at the prison to try to reach her window so he could talk to her. As he began to near the top of the fence, which was covered in barbed wire, he began to strip off his clothing so he wouldn’t get snagged on the wire. This attracted the attention of the guards. When he refused to come down on his own, the fire department was brought in and our bozo was plucked off the wall and placed under arrest, charged with trespassing and unauthorized contact with prisoners. No word on why he didn’t just get a visitors pass like everyone else.

And the First One On the Naughty List For This Year Is…

Bozo criminal for today comes from our Christmas Comes Earlier Every Year file. Police in Brea, California received a report of a man apparently passed out in his car around 7am. When they arrived, they found the man indeed fast asleep. It was what he was wearing that made this story worthy of being included in our report. Said bozo was dressed head to toe in a Santa Claus suit. Yep. In October. Our bozo offered up no explanation for his clothing choice as he was taken to jail to sleep it off.

The Phantom House Flipper Strikes Again

Bozo criminal for today from Salt Lake City, Utah, had his eye on a home he wanted to buy. He made the owner a low-ball offer which was rejected. The next step is to make a counter offer, right? Wrong. The bozo approach is to just simply move in and start doing improvements as if you actually owned the place. And that’s what happened. The cops received a report of a bozo on the premises and told him to leave. But he returned the next day, this time bringing his own tools to do repairs. Again, the cops dispatched him. Ten days later, another report of our bozo on site. This time he had cut down trees and shrubs and had a refrigerator removed from the residence. Enough. He’s busted and charged with burglary and forgery, misdemeanor stalking, theft, criminal mischief and three counts of criminal trespass.

When You Gotta Go…

Bozo criminal for today comes from Iredell County, North Carolina, where 34-year-old bozo Sara Duncan broke into an occupied residence. The homeowner was shocked as she walked in, cursed at him, took a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and walked out. The cops were called and our bozo was found in the driveway of the home. She offered no explanation on the reason for the crime or the fate of the toilet paper. She’s been charged with felony larceny after breaking and entering. Additional charges for squeezing the Charmin are pending.

Protect and Serve Also Includes Arrest When Necessary

Bozo criminal for today comes from Lincoln, California, where bozo Lynette Hampton flagged down a police car and told the cop her car had run out of gas and needed help. The officer gave her a ride and even provided a gas can. Then, he ran the license plate and found the car had been reported stolen. Yep, our bozo car thief asked an officer for help after she ran out of gas. Duh! She’s been charged with vehicular theft AND possession of methamphetamine.

He Should Have Gotten “Mom” Instead

Bozo criminal for today from Mattoon, Illinois, violated Bozo Rule Number 837372: Don’t give the cops a fake name if you’re wearing a name tag and even more so if you have your name tattooed on your neck. That’s what was going on with bozo Matthew Barker who had the name “Matty B” tattooed on his neck. It was in plain view when cops investigating him for a forgery asked his name and he gave them a fake one. Things quickly went downhill from there. He’s under arrest.

Hold Gun In One Hand, Grab Money With Other

Bozo criminal for today comes from Paducah, Kentucky, where bozo Cody Wilson walked into the Country Inn and Suites with a t-shirt over his face and a University of Alabama sock cap on his head. He pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded cash. The clerk tossed some money onto the counter and our bozo reached to grab it, laying his gun down in the process. Bad idea. The clerk grabbed the pistol and pointed it at our bozo who headed for the door. He didn’t get very far before he came up with the bright idea to return and ask the clerk for his gun back. Nothing doing, the clerk said and our bozo again ran out. He was stopped a short time later for a routine traffic stop and he acted so nervous that the officer decided to take a look inside the car. He found the t-shirt and cap and a computer that had been reported stolen earlier in the day. Busted!