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September 28, 1999

Bozo criminals for today come from the Domestic Dispute Division. From Carrollton, Texas comes the story of an unidentified couple, a 92 year old woman and her 86 year old husband. It seems the two lovebirds got into a verbal altercation in which the 92 year old woman swatted the 86 year old man with a rolled up newspaper (well, it does always work with the dog). The dispute became more and more heated and police had to be called to calm the two parties down. The cops arrived and discovered the fight was over laundry. The woman was upset because, as she said, she couldn’t remember how many times she’d told him not to put her red sox in with his white T-shirts. For his part, the man, who is hard of hearing, said he’d rather go to jail than put up with any more of her complaining. Cooler heads prevailed and no charges were filed. Maybe they can just have their laundry sent out…

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