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She’s Probably a Big Fan of Spider Man

Our bozo for today comes from the Lonely Hearts Club division of the International File. Our unidentified 18-year-old bozo from Vechta, Germany was upset because his girlfriend, who is in prison, had broken up with him over the phone a few days earlier. So, he developed a bozo plan to win her back. He would climb the 13-foot wall at the prison to try to reach her window so he could talk to her. As he began to near the top of the fence, which was covered in barbed wire, he began to strip off his clothing so he wouldn’t get snagged on the wire. This attracted the attention of the guards. When he refused to come down on his own, the fire department was brought in and our bozo was plucked off the wall and placed under arrest, charged with trespassing and unauthorized contact with prisoners. No word on why he didn’t just get a visitors pass like everyone else.

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  • Kingsnake says:

    She should have broke out: Escape is not illegal in Germany. I wish I was joking …

    November 6, 2019 at 5:21 pm

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