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Well, That Trick Always Works For Possums

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from Fort Kent, Maine. Here’s the scenario: You’re a bozo who is behind on your rent, you have no money to pay and you know the landlord is coming over to collect. What to do? Call friends for a quick loan? Nope. Get a job and hope the landlord will give you more time? No way. Play dead and hope he’ll just go away? Yeah, that’s the ticket. When the landlord arrived, he found our bozo stretched out on the floor, unresponsive. However, instead of forgiving the rent payment, he called the cops. When the police arrived, our bozo made a miraculous recovery, awake and alert and talking to officers. He talked enough that the cops were able to discover that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant. Busted! He’s sleeping it off in the county jail.

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