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Don’t Be a Litterbug!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Johnson County, Indiana, where our bozo was a passenger in a car on I-65. There was also a baby in the car who had a diaper that needed changing. No problem, right? Our bozo changed the diaper and then there was the question of what to do with the soiled diaper. It was a little smelly so our bozo rolled down the window and tossed it. It sailed right into the path of a car following behind, hitting the windshield and bouncing a couple of times. Which would have been on problem except for one teeny tiny little thing. The car was a police cruiser. Oops. Our bozo and the driver were pulled over and ticketed for littering.

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  • Kingsnake says:

    I wonder if the cop saw the poopy diaper coming in slow motion, like you sometimes see flies before they splatter your windshield …

    August 22, 2019 at 10:39 pm

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