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Well, No One Stopped Me, So I Thought It Was OK

Bozo criminal for today from Alpena, Michigan when to the well, or in this case, Walmart, one time too many. Bozo Matthew Alexander entered the store around 1:30 am and took several items from the electronics department, exiting through the garden department and dragging the loot to his car nearby. This worked so well, he decided to try again. Twenty minutes later, he entered the store again, grabbed a shopping cart, filled it with more electronics and again left through the garden center. Guess he got home and discovered he still had some empty space in his house so he returned again 30 minutes later and once again left with a bunch of stuff. However, this time the alert Walmart employees were onto him. Someone got the license plate number and called the cops. Police found the items, including three 50-65-inch TV’s, a drone, an AT&T cell phone, a computer building kit, a flashlight, a Schwinn bicycle, a HP Pavilion Desktop, a PS4 Racing Wheel, and a Western Digital 6TB Hard Drive at his home. He’s busted!

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