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Maybe Next Time Make the Fake Plate a Little Less Obvious

Bozo criminal for today comes from Bellevue, Washington, where our bozo went to a lot of trouble to make fake plates for his car. They were professionally printed with the word “Private” serving as the license plate number and “Peace on Earth” and “No Drivers License or Insurance Required” printed on them. Not surprisingly this attracted the attention of the local police. When our bozo was pulled over he claimed to be a member of the “Sovereign Citizen” movement who believe basic things like laws don’t apply to them. He added to his problems by refusing to exit the vehicle, and refusing to provide registration or insurance information or any kind of identification. And a quick check revealed the car’s title had never been transferred. Mr. Citizen will have to take it up with the judge. He’s been charged with obstructing an officer and criminal traffic offenses, and his car was taken off to the impound.

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