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First, You Need a More Reliable Driver

Bozo criminals for today come from Silver Spring, Maryland, where our bozos had a plan for stealing an ATM from a local convenience store. First, they used their pickup to smash through the front windows of the store. Then, security cameras show three masked bozos jump out of the truck and enter the store with a hand truck. The ATM is heavier than they expected and our bozos struggle to get the machine on the truck. One bozo is not doing his part and receives a punch on the arm from the head bozo, encouraging him to get to work. In the meantime, the getaway driver gets nervous and decides to leave on his own. Finally, our bozos get the ATM out the door, only to have it fall off the dolly and onto one of the suspects. It was at this time that they realize their ride has left. Deciding that it just wasn’t worth the effort, our bozos scatter, with one of them coming back a short time later to grab the hand truck. Police are looking for suspects.

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  • John S says:

    Wanted three guys pushing one hand truck?

    March 8, 2019 at 2:00 am

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