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A New Bozo Rule Violation Record!

Our bozos for today come from Butler County, Ohio. And we would like to thank the sheriff of Butler County for outlining the Bozo Rules that were broken by this bozo couple. Bozo Rule #334479: Don’t park in a handicapped space anywhere, especially at the sheriff’s office, if you are not handicapped. And don’t park in front of the Sheriff’s personal car when you do so. Bozo Rule #773928: When an officer tells you to move your illegally parked vehicle, don’t jump out of the car and run away. Bozo Rule #209383: Do not jump into a strangers vehicle and tell them you need a ride because you have warrants against you. Bozo Rule #456093: Do not come to the sheriff’s office with your car loaded with stolen items and do any of the above. That’s exactly what happened to our bozos, who are now under arrest on numerous charges, including outstanding warrants.

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