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A Very Slippery Situation

Bozo criminal for today comes from Waterville, Maine, where a recent cold snap turned out to be our crook’s downfall. Literally. It seems bozo Jason Mitchell had plans for robbing the Bangor State Bank. He walked in, demanded cash, got it and fled, running across four lanes of traffic. So far, so good. Now, if he can just make it across the parking lot he should be home free. But…that parking lot was icy and our bozo slipped and fell, dropping his gun and sending money flying everywhere. Still not a problem, right? Just pick yourself up, gather up the cash and continue on your way. Right. Except for one small thing. A state police lieutenant just happened to be in the parking lot at the same time and saw everything. Oops. The cop tackled our bozo and held him down until support arrived. Turns out he was already on probation for burglary. He’s busted!

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