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Check On the Whereabouts of the Heat Miser

Bozo criminals for today come from Petersburg, Kentucky, where the recent large snowfall inspired a family to build a large snowman. A really large snowman, over 9 feet tall. And of course a snowman that tall is bound to attract a lot of attention, some of it coming from our unidentified bozos. They decided that the snowman was just too big to resist vandalizing. So, they drove their vehicle up into the yard planning on mowing Frosty down. Only one problem. The big snowman’s base wasn’t just snow. He was anchored by a large stump covered with the white stuff. And you know who wins when a car runs up against a stump. Yep. The stump. Police have clear tire tracks leading to the snowman but no leads on the Frosty perps just yet. And, by the way, the snowman is still standing.

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