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And If You Think That’s Scary, Just Wait Until Cousin Eddie Shows Up

No criminal activity involved in today’s report from Austin, Texas, but in the spirit of the holidays we have to include this one. An Austin family had just proudly completed their elaborate Christmas display, a tribute to the classic movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, when a concerned passerby noticed something. There was a man dangling from the roof in apparent danger. Security camera footage caught the passerby saying, “Oh mister, please hold on” as he attempted to move the ladder that was also part of the display. After being unable to reach the “man”, he dialed 911 to report someone in danger. The cops arrived and confirmed that the “man” was a dummy dressed up to look like Clark Griswold in a scene from the holiday classic. After warning the homeowner that perhaps the scene was a little too realistic, a sign saying “Clark G is part of our Christmas display, please do not call 911″ was added.

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