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Honestly, She Was Just Storing This Stuff Here For a While

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from Jensen Beach, Florida, where the cops were called to a report of a break-in at a residence. There they found bozo Brendon Graham who began telling them a story that just didn’t seem to add up. Our disheveled bozo told them that he had “worked for a high government official in China for 30 years.” He then said that someone, probably his former girlfriend, had broken into his house and had placed marijuana, cocaine and a bong inside. After inviting the cops in, he clammed up, saying he would only talk to an FBI agent. As the cops looked around, they found no evidence of a break-in, but they did find more than $100,000 in cash, several unlicensed firearms, marijuana, cocaine and other drug paraphernalia. He’ll have to tell his story to the judge. He’s busted!

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