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But, It’s My Favorite Shirt!

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from Parkland, Florida, where we have a violation of Bozo Rule Number 3337738: Your clothing choice makes a statement, even when you’re a bozo. Our unidentified bozo had his eye on the local bank, planning to pull off a big heist. So he got himself a ski mask and a long sleeved flannel shirt, perhaps to cover up any identifying tattoos. OK, all set, mask on, shirt on, head for the front door and this should all go smoothly, right? Wrong. He didn’t account for the heatwave in Florida, with temperatures in the mid 90′s. And a guy headed to the front door wearing a mask and a long sleeved flannel shirt is bound to attract some attention, right? Yep. An alert bank employee noticed him and used the remote lock button on the front door to keep him from ever getting in. Fail! Cops are looking for him.

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