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You Just Can’t Get an Uber When You Need One

Bozo criminal for today comes from Destin, Florida, where bozo James Hightower needed a ride home. We can only assume the usual options were not available because the called the 911 operator and asked for deputies to come by and pick him up. The operator declined and told him to call the non-emergency line. Strike one. He immediately called her back and she again told him to call the regular line. Strike two. Unperturbed, he called 911 a third time, and this time was belligerent, cursing at the operator. Strike three. She kept him on the line and dispatched officers. He was still cursing her when the cops arrived. Not surprisingly, they patted him down and found him to be in possession of marijuana and Xanax. Busted! He’s charged with abuse of the 911 system, felony drug possession and misdemeanor marijuana possession.

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