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But It’s Supposed To Be an “Escape” Room

Bozo criminal for today comes from Vancouver, Washington, where our unidentified bozo broke into a business and proceeded to make himself at home. He grabbed a phone and a TV remote before getting a beer from the fridge. He then microwaved a burrito and was enjoying it when he realized something. He had damaged the back door when breaking in and now he couldn’t let himself out. After trying all possible exits, he did what any bozo would do. He called 911 and asked the cops to come free him. The cops didn’t buy his story that he had broken into the business to call 911 because his home had been robbed. He’s busted! Oh, did we forget to tell you what the business was he broke into? The NW Escape Experience is an “escape room” where people pay to be locked in and try to find their way out. Must be harder than it sounds.

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