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Go On And Search, I Triple Dog Dare Ya!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Vero Beach, Florida, where bozo Tremaine Miller was enjoying his music. Well, maybe enjoying it too much, as an officer was called to a noise disturbance complaint at his residence. When the officer approached, our bozo jumped in his car and attempted to pull away. The officer stopped him and, when he couldn’t understand the name our bozo was giving him, gave him a pen to write it down. Mistake number one: Our bozo tried to write with the wrong end of the pen. Mistake number two: When he did get the pen to write, he misspelled his own name. Mistake number three: When the officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol, our bozo denied having any and “demanded” the officer search his car. It didn’t take the officer long to find a Big Gulp cup half full of ice and booze. Busted! A blood test found him to be four times the legal limit.

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