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From This Point Forward, There Will Be No More Burrito Fridays

No criminal activity here, but we just couldn’t let this story pass by without taking note. Police were called to a report of trouble at a Mecklenburg County, North Carolina high school. Students were falling ill, complaining of teary eyes and burning throats. In today’s world, you can’t be too cautious, so obviously both police and school officials took the matter very seriously. Police and fire department units arrived and the whole school was evacuated without incident. But, still, there was the question of why the kids were feeling sick, some of them even throwing up. The investigation was underway when a school maintenance man approached, carrying one of the tools of his trade. A plunger. Apparently one of the school’s toilets had become stopped up, allowing sewer gases to enter the building. The pipes were cleared and some students were treated by medics and things got back to normal.

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