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He Just Really, Really Needed a Job

Bozo criminal for today comes from Boston, Massachusetts, where Juan Lopez was on the run from the cops who had tried to question him on an assault and battery charge. He led them on a chase in his Toyota Camry, eventually losing them and ditching the Camry in a shopping center parking lot. It was at that point, for reasons known only to the bozo mind, that he walked into an Osprey Wireless store and asked if they were hiring. They were, and the manager took him into his office for an interview. It went well enough that the manager asked our bozo to fill out an application, which he was working on when the cops spotted the Camry in the parking lot. Next thing you know, there are cops and a K-9 officer checking out the area. The manager steps outside to see what is going on and when the cops explain what is going on, he tells them he has the guy they’re looking for inside. And there he was, still working on the application. Busted!

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