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Next Time Stick With the White Keds

Bozo criminal for today comes from Dallas, Texas where our bozo seemed to have a good thing going, but she messed up and violated Bozo Rule Number 00464623: It’s usually a good idea to wear clothing that doesn’t call attention to yourself. Bozo Sheotia Lane covered her face with a burka style towel and walked into a bank and demanded cash. She got her money and exited. Employees told the cops about the towel and also that she was wearing a very bright pair of red and purple “retro style” Air Jordan shoes. Five days later, same outfit, different bank, again a successful robbery. Four days later, same outfit, different bank, again success. She should have quit while she was ahead as banks were now alerted to be on the lookout for those shoes. When she entered another bank four days later and asked the teller for a deposit slip, the teller was suspicious. She escorted her toward the entrance and then locked her out of the bank. And of course, since she was truly a bozo, she was still hanging around outside the bank when the cops arrived and immediately noticed a woman wearing “bright colored shoes.” They found a robbery note inside the bag and the burka style towels she had used in previous robberies. She’s busted!

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