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Um…Is That a Catfish In Your Pants Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Bozo criminal for today comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where a weird hockey tradition resulted in a bozo being charged. For many years, there has been a tradition in Detroit of throwing octopus onto the ice during Red Wings games. Fans of the Nashville Predators started a tradition of tossing catfish onto the ice in 2003. While that may be fine in Nashville, it didn’t go over so well recently in Pittsburgh when bozo Predators fan Jacob Waddell tossed a fish onto the ice during the Stanley Cup final. Our bozo was quickly arrested and charged disorderly conduct, disrupting a meeting and possession of an instrument of crime. And just how did he get this “instrument of crime” into the arena? He said he ran over the poor fish with his truck to flatten it and then stuffed it into his pants. Watch our for those sharp fins!

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