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If They’d Put This Much Effort Into Studying…

Bozo criminals for today come from Lexington, Kentucky, where two University of Kentucky students were desperate to pass one of their final exams. So, they hit the books and studied really hard, right? Wrong. Maybe hired another student to tutor them? Nah. Devised an elaborate plan to break into the professor’s office and steal a copy of the test? Yep. Our two bozos got into the air duct system of the Multidisciplinary Science Building and made their way to the professor’s office. Once inside, they were unable to find a copy of the test. Undeterred, they returned later in the evening to give it another try. This time they were caught by the professor who was working late and returned after leaving to get something to eat. Oops. They face third degree burglary charges. And they still have to figure out a way to pass that final!

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