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Another Reason Baggy Pants Are a Bad Idea

Bozo criminal for today comes from Tucson, Arizona, where the kids were on spring break, so bozo Michael Raybourne thought it would be a good time to pull off a heist at the school. He was trying to break into a classroom when a locksmith working at the facility spotted him. Thinking better of things, our bozo headed for the nearest exit, which just happened to be a large, metal fence with spikes on top. No problem. He should be able to climb over right? Well, almost. Our bozo got over the top and was headed down when one of the spikes got lodged in his baggy pants. Rather than try to free himself, our bozo continued on toward the ground, but didn’t quite make it. He was left hanging upside down, not quite reaching the ground with his pants caught on the spike at the top. Fortunately for him, he did wear underwear that day. Cops were called and our bozo was freed and arrested.

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