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Oh, and Let Me Grab My Makeup, Too

The Bozo Criminal Report continues to be amazed at how attached some are to their social media accounts, and how lightly some bozos take getting arrested. Case in point, our bozo for today from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where our 18-year-old bozo and her 27-year-old boyfriend set up a meeting with a man “to meet and hang out” when the actual plan was to rob him and steal his pot. The robbery was successful but the cops were quickly able to track down our bozo through her Facebook posts. When the cops arrived at her parents home to place her under arrest, she asked if she could first put on a bra and then asked her father to take pictures of her in handcuffs so she could post them on Facebook. It could be her last post. She faces up to 40 years in prison.

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