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No Boat, No Girlfriend, and Now No Maserati

Our bozo for today wanted that new Maserati Gran Turismo really, really badly. One big problem, though, he didn’t have the $150,000 to buy it. So he came up with an elaborate plan. He visited the dealership and told the salesperson he wanted to drive the car to the Boca Raton Resort and Club to show the car to his girlfriend. Fine, said the salesperson, and he climbed into the car to ride along with him. When he arrived at the club, the girlfriend was nowhere to be seen but he convinced the salesperson to get out of the car to walk down to the dock to “look at his father’s boat.” There was no boat, but now our bozo asked the salesperson to wait at the dock while he went inside to get his girlfriend. Of course, there was no girlfriend and while the salesperson was waiting, our bozo drove off with the car. Pretty clever plan, right? Wrong. Guess he forgot he had left his driver’s license with the salesperson. Oops. He’s facing grand theft auto charges.

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