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It’s Not Nice To Try To Fool Grandma!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where bozo Preston Davis was in need of some cash. So he did what many 24-year-olds would do. He asked Grandma. It was how he went about it that got him into trouble. Instead of just calling and asking, he set up an elaborate scheme. He sent photos to his grandmother showing injuries that he said had been inflicted on him by kidnappers. He then told her that they wanted $1000 for his “safe return.” Granny wasn’t so easily fooled and called the cops instead of reaching for her purse. Noticing there was no sign of the “kidnappers” in the video, police officers did some investigating and tracked down our bozo, determining the whole thing was a hoax. He’s charged with first degree extortion.

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