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Glass 1, Bozos 0

Our bozos for today from Port St. Lucie, Florida, thought they had it all planned out. They arrived at the Mobil Gas Station late at night, after the store was closed. Now, all they had to do was break the glass window next to the front door. This, however turned out to be easier said than done. Bozo number one attacks the glass with a hammer, but the impact resistant window refuses to break. He hits it again, and again and again with the hammer, still no luck. So he steps back and takes a running start at the window, but the glass still remains unscathed. At this point, his partner takes the hammer and goes to work on the glass with the same unsuccessful result. Seeing that this just wasn’t going to work, our bozos slinked away in shame, with all their failed attempts caught on video. The cops expect to make an arrest soon.

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