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Welcome the Baby With A Bang!

We have a case today of an accidental bozo but his actions caused him to end up in trouble with the law anyway. From Scottsbluff, Nebraska, comes the story of bozo couple Jon and Ashley Landers who wanted to do something creative to reveal the gender of their upcoming baby to the world. So bozo Jon set up an explosive target which, when hit with a bullet, would explode in a cloud of blue chalk. Of course, they videoed the whole thing, showing him shouting, “It’s a boy!” as the target exploded. No problem, right? Wrong. The explosion was perhaps louder than they anticipated, as neighbors called the cops to report everything from a house exploding to a car engine blowing out. After investigating, the sheriff charged our bozo father-to-be with setting off an explosive without a state permit, which carries a fine of up to $1000 and up to a year in jail. Pops has apologized for the “pop.”

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