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But, He’s a Very Nice Iguana…

Our bozo for today comes from Boulder, Colorado, where the security staff at the County Justice Center thought they had seen everything. Until our bozo showed up with his backpack. The X-ray machine operator took a good look at his belongings. Cell phone. Ok. Earbuds. Ok. Some change. Ok. Iguana. Huh? Yep, our bozo just couldn’t bear to be separated from his pet iguana for even a few minutes, so he stuffed him in his backpack and tried to bring him into the center. Security guards pointed out the “Only service animals allowed” sign applies to iguanas. Neither or bozo nor his lizard were allowed inside.

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  • Randall Gibson says:

    My apartment has a no pet rule, but I saw someone with a pet dog. I asked one of the leasing agents about this. Apparently they had gotten a waver by having it declared as a medical necessity for depression. Not sure if that counts as a service animal though…..

    June 21, 2016 at 11:17 am

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