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So, How Come You Don’t Fall Off the Edge, Then?

It’s been a fightin’ kind of week at the Bozo Criminal Report. After yesterday’s gas attack, today we have this. Police and firefighters were called to a report of a fight at a residence in Brockton, Ontario, Canada. Upon arrival, they found a woman involved in a very heated argument with her boyfriend’s father and it appeared that the dispute could turn physical at any moment. The man was so enraged that he started throwing things into the campfire, including a cylinder filled with propane. Cooler heads prevailed and after a time the cops were able to determine the source of the argument, which is what landed them in the Bozo Hall of Fame. The woman took the position that the world was flat while the man argued that it was round. Neither would accept the other’s point of view, and the man simply ended up walking away. He faces a criminal mischief charge for tossing the propane cylinder into the fire. She’s been sentenced to spend some time in geography class.

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