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Ahhhh….Those Massaging Jets!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Anaheim, California, where the cops pulled over a black Ford Mustang on a vehicle code violation. The car slowed long enough for the passenger to get out before speeding away. The police detained the passenger and a high-speed chase ensued down the 91 Freeway, with speeds exceeding 100 MPH. Eventually, the car was involved in an accident and our bozo fled on foot. The cops lost track of him long enough for our bozo to take refuge in a hot tub in the backyard of one of the nearby residences. Guess he didn’t take into account the relaxing qualities of the 104 degree water, as he soon fell sound asleep. The homeowner found our bozo and called the cops. He’s been charged with possession of methamphetamine, stolen property, drug paraphernalia, possession of a sawed-off shotgun, and evading an officer. He’s under arrest.

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