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But the Sign Says “Loans For Any Purpose”!

Bozo criminal for today from Spartanburg, South Carolina, needed some cash, so he headed to a nearby title loans office. Things were going well until he got to the line on the application for “reason for loan.” Thinking honesty was the best policy, he told the truth and filled out “to purchase meth” on the form. Bad idea. The clerk faxed a message to her manager, who was at another office, who called the cops. Our bozo was still waiting for the loan to be processed when the police arrived. The officers found our bozo to be in possession of a glass container with a white rock like substance inside. He told the cops it was cocaine, but he was not going to smoke it because he “did meth.” Not for a while. He’s under arrest.

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  • Randall Gibson says:

    Not going to smoke it? Did he think it mattered to them what he planned to do with it?

    June 1, 2016 at 11:15 am

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