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But It Looks So Easy On Mission Impossible.

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Brisbane, Australia where our bumbling thief suffered the further indignity of having it all caught on security cameras. He had big plans to rob a local business by first lowering himself down from the ceiling using a rope. Things started bad and went downhill from there. CCTV footage shows him dropping down with the rope tied to his foot. Upon landing on a desk, he promptly tripped on the rope, falling heavily to the floor. He then started prowling around, only to lose a shoe. He is then seen taking several seconds to retrieve the shoe and get the laces tied so he can continue on. After circling the room several times, he seems to think better of his plan and attempts to escape, but not without more difficulty, as he pulls down several pieces of ceiling tile before finally successfully climbing back into the ceiling. Using the video footage, the cops expect to make an arrest shortly.

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