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But It’s Only Off By One Digit…That Should Be Worth Something!

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Troy House for sending in today’s report from the International File in Haut-Doubs France. It’s one of those cases where the “criminal” part is at least partly accidental and the extent of bozo-ness is still to be determined. It would seem our bozo took a look at her lottery ticket and thought she had won the big jackpot. So, she went down to the lottery office to confirm her winnings, right? Wrong. Instead she immediately went on a big shopping spree writing checks for everything she wanted, thinking she would cover them as soon as her winning lottery check arrived. A few days later, when the check still hadn’t come in, her husband decided to take another look at that lottery ticket. Turns out her celebrations were a tad premature, as the ticket was one digit off from being a big winner. Oops. Instead of coming clean, the woman burned her purse and tried to claim that it had been stolen and someone else had written the bad checks. However, she was caught on security cameras making purchases at several stores. The judge took pity on her and gave her a suspended sentence and some time to pay off the $5800 in bad checks.

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