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Hey, Can’t a Guy Have a Little Fun In His Own House!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Newark, Ohio, where the cops were called to a residence after reports of gunfire. When they arrived, the female resident was outside and said she wasn’t sure why the 75-year-old man inside was shooting things up. The police set up a perimeter with a vehicle outside with its lights on, negotiators trying to call him and officers using a bullhorn. No response. They also broke a window and sent in an electronic surveillance device. It was then that the female resident reminded the cops that he was hard of hearing. The officers then decided to wait. After several minutes one of the officers thought he heard a sound. Then another. And another. It sounds like…snoring. Yep. Our bozo had fallen sound asleep. The cops said he was cordial when they entered and had no idea what the excitement was all about. He’s been charged with inducing panic and using weapons while intoxicated.

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