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It’s Not a Bribe, More Like Asking For a Favor

Our bozo for today comes from the When Is a Bribe Not a Bribe File. The obvious answer, when you’re in Italy. A drunk bozo in Rome, Italy, offered a cop a 100 euro bribe in an attempt to avoid being given a ticket for DUI. The cop wrote him a ticket anyway, and threw in charges of attempted bribery. Our bozo had a different point of view, saying that 100 euros (about $110) was “too small” to be considered a bribe. More like a “gift.” He appealed all the way to the Italian Supreme Court. And the court agreed, saying his thinking was impaired and the amount was too small to be considered corruption. His victory isn’t too sweet, however, as the court upheld the drunken driving conviction, which carries a fine of up to 6200 euros and up to a year in prison.

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