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Today I Shot An Elephant in My Pajamas…Hold On, Wrong Joke!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Deltona, Florida, where 22-year-old bozo Eryn Rucker escaped from a deputy who’d arrested her for shoplifting. Finding what she thought was an empty home, she broke in, washed her clothes, showered, put on a pair of pajamas she found and took a nap. Her troubles began when the 73-year-old woman who lived at the place with her husband, who was out playing golf, returned home. She found our bozo in his pajamas and immediately imagined the worst. Fortunately, her husband returned home minutes later and convinced his wife that he’d never seen the woman before in his life (but thanks for thinking he could hook up with a 22-year-old). Not suspecting that she was on the run, the trusting couple drove our bozo home before thinking better of things and calling the cops. She’s now under arrest for shoplifting and breaking and entering.

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